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Unique ways to decide fantasy football draft order

Fantasy football drafts rage on as pre-season football draws to a close. The biggest question most years for fantasy players is how to decide the draft order. Here are some unique ways to decide the draft order of fantasy football.

In person

Athletic Decathlon- Doing a regular decathlon can be harder to do, so just pick 10 sports and do them. For leagues that can get together for a full day of activity, this presents a cool way to do fun things and because there are 10 events, it makes up for most of the competitive advantage.

Laser tag- Try to find a free time to go laser tag, then go! Keep a phone or notebook handy to jot down final notes. The person with the most points is the first to draft.

Home Run Derby- Find a nearby open baseball diamond with a (preferably shorter) fence to host a home run derby. The most fun will come when fantasy managers try to steal home runs in order to help their own position.

Punt, Pass, Kick One of the oldest football competitions is punting, passing and kicking. Find a soccer field to help mark off the yardage. Add up all the scores at the end to determine the draft order.

Knock out- Playing a one-on-one basketball tournament can be fun, but it can leave some players with a competitive edge. A knockout game, full of attempts to knock the opponent’s basketball down, is exactly the type of madness that’s perfect for determining the order of the draft.

Easter egg hunt- This one is perfect for any league that already has members with kids. Each team leader has an Easter egg where they write their name on a piece of paper and put it in the egg. After that, each member of the league hides their egg in the garden (it will be crucial to establish rules on this). The first egg found is the one that picks last.

Dog Picks Project Order- This can be done with treats or toys depending on the dog. Each league member chooses a toy/treat to present the dog. All limbs are equidistant from the dog. The first toy/treat chose drafts first.

Drinking games- Whichever drinking game you choose, it’s a fun way to choose the draft order.

Shot Roullete- All shot glasses are filled with water except one, which is filled with alcohol. The person who gets the real shot is out of competition, while the other members continue.

putt putt- It could also be a real golf outing (probably with a handicap score), but putt-putt is a good family game that most can be competitive with.

Not in person

Wonderlic test- Put the spirit of the league to the test by having each person complete the Wonderlic test. Not only will the league have something to laugh about, but it will also help managers see how they stack up against the NFL greats based on their skill set.

Video game tournament- Whether it’s Madden, NCAA College Football, NBA 2k, Mario Party, or any other video game, have players compete for their draft order.

Video game simulation- Have all players pick a player/team from a video game and simulate tournament-style play (this is especially popular for WWE).

100 yard dash simulation- Instead of making a random number generator, plug the team names into a 100 yard dash that everyone can watch. The winner gets the first choice.

Spotify Playlist- Each person chooses a song to add to a playlist on Spotify. After all songs are entered, the playlist is shuffled. The song played first wins the first manager’s choice.

NFL Trivia- Ask a non-league member to quiz everyone in the NFL to see who gets the first pick.

chugging contest If not everyone can get together, take videos while drinking your drink of choice.

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