Dog breeds

These are the most popular dog breeds in all 50 states.

The United States loves dogs as a nation.

During the global pandemic, the comforts of furry friends — including cuddles, walks around the block, and just playing — got many Americans, who felt socially isolated, through uncertain times.

There are still differences between dog lovers. Some have a strong preference for certain races while others may be more accepting of other races.

For example, those looking for a training companion can choose a Labrador Retriever. Those looking for a loyal pet might consider a Beagle.

There is a dog for everyone, whether they are looking for a companion, a herding dog or a purse. What are the most loved dog breeds in each state?

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Well, according to a report from CBD pet brand Honest Paws, which reviewed Google data over the past year, the Havanese – a loving and affectionate breed – is a favorite in Idaho. , Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Nebraska.

However, people in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Wisconsin loved Golden Retrievers.

Bulldogs were the highest rated dog breed in most states.

honest paws

(Photo courtesy of Honest Paws

It was the first choice in California, Illinois and Maryland, Nevada. Ohio. Texas. Georgia. Iowa. Delaware.

German Shepherds, owned by President Joe Biden, are popular in West Virginia and North Carolina. Arkansas has shown some appreciation for the pit bull, one of the most misunderstood breeds.

Oregon and North Dakota also preferred the corgi as a breed. It is estimated that Queen Elizabeth II owned more than 30 corgis throughout her reign.

The Honest Paws team worked through the data, creating a list of 40 dog breeds that are popular across seven groups – Toy, Terrier, Sporting, Non-Sporting, Herding and Working – and assessing which group had the most requests for search in each. State and the District of Columbia.

Visit the Honest Paws website for more information here.