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The Naughtiest Dog Breeds Revealed: 7 Most Destructive Puppies

Georgia Brown

Pet owners will know that having a cat or dog is not always an easy experience. Many are familiar with the chaos that ensues when a furry destroyer is brought into our homes. Scratched furniture, gnawed baseboards, broken plant pots and stolen food – not to mention accidents on the carpet.

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The lockdown saw demand for pets skyrocket as many have turned to cats and dogs for companionship and emotional support during months of isolation. Making the decision to bring a fluffy friend into your home isn’t a decision to be taken lightly – it’s a long-term commitment. So which race to choose?

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A study by analyzed social media reactions to reveal which animals are the most beloved, funniest, meanest and most destructive.

The study looked at emoji reactions to all pet-related online posts over the past year, to see which breeds make the most people smile, laugh or cry – and they might surprise you!

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Thanks to the experts, we now know the most popular pet breeds across the country. The Golden Retriever comes out on top, officially rated as the most beloved pet on the internet. This lovable breed can function as an emotional support animal for many disabilities, as well as a loyal, lifelong friend.

So, you might know which breeds are the cutest – but which calamity-causing dogs are most likely to leave your home in shambles?

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According to experts from Pet Forumsthe most destructive breeds of pets are more likely to leave your flower beds destroyed, your carpets ruined and your furniture chewed up.

Mentions of chewed up baseboards, couches, and other household items are common among Collie owners, while greedy Beagles are most likely to steal food from your plate and trash your cookie cabinets. We still, really love them.

What are the most destructive pet breeds?

Collie – the chewer

Watch out for your skirting boards, table legs and sneakers with these naughty puppies! Despite being one of the smartest dog breeds, the Collie is an evil demon when bored and has been known to chew on just about anything.

Labrador – the urinator

They might be cute, but Labradors are more likely to use your carpet as a toilet, with more mentions of potty training issues than any other breed.

Beagle – the eater

When it comes to being greedy, Beagles take the number one spot. These mischievous puppies have been known to steal food from your plate, overturn the trash can to rummage, and rummage through any cupboard within reach.

Collie – the destroyer

Back on the list of most destructive dog breeds, Collies may seem harmless, but studies show they possess an almost magical ability to destroy things. From gardens to bathrooms, kitchens to flowerbeds, when not being trained, these cheeky canines love to stick their paws in just about anything.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers – the breaker

Known to be one of the clumsiest breeds, you may want to remove your delicate ornaments from the coffee table before bringing a Staffy into the house. These pups aren’t highly regarded for their spatial awareness, with 1 in 20 mentions of broken phones, flower pots, glasses and more being breed-related – oops!

Chihuahua – the snapper

Chihuahuas make wonderful dogs and loyal family friends, but they love to bark. Known for their fierce personalities and fiery tempers, they possess a more stubborn nature and don’t always like being told “no”.

Shih Tzu – the digger

The affectionate Shih Tzu may look cute, but he also likes to dig. Don’t leave this pup out unattended or you might find your flower beds in a heap!

Dachshund – the beggar

They may be super cute, but Dachshunds are very greedy dogs. In addition to their mischievous nature, they are also intelligent. So if you constantly give them treats or slip food under the dinner table, they are smart enough to know that begging will be rewarded!

How to Stop Your Dog from Being Naughty

Now that lockdown restrictions have eased and the social calendar is filling up, it might be time to consider that your pup’s naughty behavior is the result of separation anxiety. Mingle with new faces or having to spend more time alone can take some adjustment time for our canine companions.

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