Dog breeds

The most mischievous dog breeds and their main crimes

The most mischievous dog breeds have been revealed along with the main crimes they commit around the house.

A study by Ring revealed a list of 10 of the most mischievous dog breeds with Greyhounds and Dalmations topping the list. .

The company, known for its video doorbells and security camera service, conducted a nationwide survey of 2,000 dog owners in July and August 2022.

Survey results show that two-thirds (73%) of dogs behave badly when left unattended.

Whether it’s finding a hole in your sock, your floor getting soaked in urine, or the dog literally eating your homework, the study shows which dogs are most likely to break the rules.

Here are 10 of the naughtiest dog breeds you can have, along with their most common crimes.

10 Most Mischievous Dog Breeds

Here’s a comprehensive list of the 10 naughtiest dog breeds, according to research from Ring.

  1. doggystyle
  2. Dalmatian
  3. Bulldog
  4. Beagle
  5. siberian husky
  6. Cavapoo
  7. Pomeranian
  8. Dachshund
  9. Golden retriever
  10. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

What are their main crimes?

It seems that dogs are often guilty of chewing their owners’ socks, clothes or shoes (48%), as well as urinating and fouling inside (41%).

Ring has compiled a list of 10 of the most common canine crimes:

  • Chew socks, clothes and shoes (48%)
  • Urinating inside / getting dirty (41%)
  • Stealing food from around the house, kitchen counters or purses (38%)
  • Shredding of paper documents such as letters and flyers (35%)
  • Jumping or lying down somewhere they are not allowed, such as on the couch, bed, table (35%)
  • Scrape furniture such as wooden dining chairs, sofa backs, stairs (31%)
  • Knocking things off a table or shelf like a TV or ornaments (23%)
  • Unroll toilet paper (18%)
  • Broken items caused by “zooms” (17%)
  • Chew TV Remote (16%)