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The most beautiful dog breeds in the world according to math

A Border Collie puppy. (Photo credit: Joe Klamar/AFP via Getty Images

According to calculations, results show that the most beautiful dog in the world is the Cairn Terrier with a golden ratio of 88.7%.

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The second most beautiful dog breed according to these results is the West Highland White Terrier with a score of 87.5% and the third most beautiful dog is the Border Collie with an impressive score of 86.7%.

Below is the complete ranking of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world:

Cairn Terrier came in first with a gold count of 88.7%.

West Highland White Terrier came second with a gold count of 87.5%.

Border Collie came in third with a gold count of 86.7%.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback came in fourth with a gold count of 86%.

The Welsh Terrier came fifth with a golden count of 85.9%.

Weimaraner came in sixth with a gold count of 85.6%.

Tolling Retriever came in seventh with a gold count of 85%.

The Italian Greyhound came in eighth place with a golden count of 84.9%.

The Norfolk Terrier came in ninth place with a gold count of 84.3%.

Finally, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi came in 10th place with a gold count of 83.9%. has also calculated the world’s least beautiful dog breeds. They are the following:

The Shih Tzu has the lowest Golden Ratio score of 41%, making it the least beautiful dog breed.

The second least attractive breed is the Bullmastiff with a score of 48.7%. The French Bulldog is next on the list with a score of 54.3%, while the Bulldog came in fourth with 56.3%. Last on the list is the Rottweiler with 60%.

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