Dog show

The Hanover Kennel Club holds an annual dog show at Legion Stadium

WILMINGTON, North CarolinaOn Sunday, the Hanover Kennel Club held the second day of its annual dog show, with hundreds of dogs from across the state and nation competing.

The 120th and 121st Annual Hanover Kennel Club Dog Show is an all-breed dog show licensed by the American Kennel Club held at Legion Stadium, with over 500 dogs competing for best in show.

Show chairman John Boozer said the event receives a positive response every year and he is grateful to see an increase in attendance this year.

“Everyone is from a large area, and often, and then a lot of locals too, but we just enjoy the camaraderie showing our dogs and being with our dog friends,” said John Boozer, president. of the dog show.

Samara Show said it was the first time she and her dog Freya had competed in the Hanover Kennel Club dog show, traveling from out of state for a chance to win.

“I came from New Jersey to Philadelphia to do this. I love Wilmington, I love Wilmington. So the second I saw there was a dog show here, I was like “I’m here”. It’s one of my favorite places, and it’s a smaller exhibit than most exhibits, so we thought maybe we’d have a good chance,” said exhibit participant Samara Show. canine.

Sarah Wade said this dog show is one of many stops for her and her dog Vinny to compete this year.

“So this is – I mean our 10th weekend, this year. We just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to get down to the beach. It’s about an hour from us, we’re out of Fayetteville , and it was just a nice local show, and we’re setting it up to go to the AKC National Championship, but it’s just a great opportunity,” said Sarah Wade, a dog show participant.

Boozer said the dog show is great for the local economy, with people traveling from near and far to participate.

“People who come to dog shows are very good for the city and the county. Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on transportation, motels and lodging, over a weekend like this, it gives the city a big boost, revenue-wise,” Boozer said. .

Spectators were able to attend the dog show for free, and there were vendors and food trucks. The top winner of this year’s show is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, and his handler and owners Marc Sabo, Denise Sabo and DJ Hounsell.