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The 30 Cutest Dog Breeds

Just like their human counterparts, every dog ​​in the world is perfect and adorable in their own way. Choosing the cutest of them is like choosing the cutest baby in the nursery. That is, the one that belongs to you and your family is undoubtedly the most breathtaking and irresistible creature of the lot!

Still, we’ll take every opportunity to scroll through photos of precious puppies in a futile but fun effort to identify the cutest dog breeds on the planet. Those paws and pads! Those fuzzy bellies and tails! Those wet noses, droopy ears, and happy tongues… we could eat it all. Each of these doggos is the best boy or girl – hands down. Which one is cuter is not a matter of fact, but rather a matter of personal opinion. And absolutely all dogs deserve a lifetime of play, treats, love and loyalty as essential members of the family.

The dog breeds on our list include purebreds, mixed breeds, and perfectly lovable and lovable dogs that hardly deserve their less than perfect reputation! Remember that the next great love of your life may be waiting for you right now at your local animal shelter.

Are you looking to add a new member to the family or just don’t have enough dog pictures? Check out our roundups of the best family dogs, best small dog breeds, and best large dog breeds for more inspiration.

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This crossbreed puppy is the result of breeding a Miniature Poodle with a Maltese. They are known to be lively, energetic and simply adorable.

Good thing chow-chows are so cute: they’re notoriously stubborn and hard to train.

If those big soulful eyes and floppy ears don’t do it for you, attitude will. This breed is known for showering its humans with affection and devotion.

This medium-sized sheepdog is not only cute, but also exhibits an air of sophistication. About a breed from across the Atlantic!

Just try to resist that wrinkled face and slicked-down muzzle! The curly tail seals the deal when it comes to cuteness.

Trust the Queen of England to have great taste for dogs. Elizabeth II’s love of corgis is unmatched – she’s had over 30 in her lifetime!


American Staffordshire Terrier

Am Staffs are just one of the breeds commonly referred to as pit bulls, but don’t let the stereotypes fool you. TheseKind and intelligent puppies love to be part of the family.

Shelties loves children and hugs. And with that face, what more could you ask for?

Yorkies began working in Victorian factories, but their gorgeous (and hypoallergenic!) fur quickly earned them a reputation in elite circles as a lovable companion.

Smooth, wire-haired or long-haired, there is a type of dachshund for everyone. They even come in two different sizes: standard and miniature.

Called the “gentleman of the dog world”, the English setter is known for both style and strength. Do not describe their coats as spotted. The speckled pattern is known as “belton”.

Imagine giant, friendly balls of plush and you have Bernese Mountain Dogs up to a T. Swiss farmers originally bred them as good-natured helpers, so they are super strong.

Whether they’re at fire stations or in Disney movies, Dalmatians‘distinctive coats win hearts wherever they go. Puppies don’t develop the spots until later in life; staves begin completely white.

If you have already seen the Wizard of Oz, you’ll know these little guys are the cutest sidekicks. An abandoned Cairn terrier named Terry has become one of the biggest canine movie stars in history.

As its name suggests, this hypoallergenic breed love water more than anything. Good swimmers even have webbed feet!

The popular doge meme made the internet fall in love with Shiba Inus. One look at that fluffy face and it’s hard not to agree that they are “amazing”.


Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

If you’ve ever received a wheaten greetin, you know that hypoallergenic terriers likes to give an enthusiastic welcome. Bring it on!


Welsh Springer Spaniel

Known for their requisite red and white coats, the Welsh might just take on the title of most adorable hunting dog. Optimistic puppies also come from a historical pedigree: the breed dates back to 7000 BC.

The Disney classic the Lady and the Tramp proved how much cocker spaniel perhaps. In real life, these happy dogs love brisk walks and lots of playtime.

Not quite a setter, not quite a spaniel, Bretons seduce with their playful attitude and boundless energy. Those high ears are even sweeter than they look.

If you have a boxer, you know those big eyes stare straight into your soul. Add the head tilt and get ready to melt.

Known as the “barkless dog”, basenjis alert their owners with a clucking sound. Bonus: Unusual dogs do not lose neither do many, leaving your clothes furless.

If you like shaggy dogs, these collies are for you. Charismatic Shepherds are especially prized for their dreamy expressions.

The gentle giants of the canine world love to stay close to their owners, but they shouldn’t be confused with companion dogs. Standing nearly 3 feet tall at the shoulder, Great Danes literally take “cute” to the next level.

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