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Study Reveals the Most Aggressive Dog Breeds: Is Yours on the List?

(ABC4) – If you’re looking for a new furry addition to your family, you’re probably considering several factors.

What are the costs, what breed is best for the family, how aggressive is it?

Researchers at the University of Helsinki recently studied the behavior of over 9,000 dogs to assess aggressive behavior.

They say factors such as age, gender, fearfulness, breed, other dogs in the family, body size and the owner’s dog experience can all impact the level of aggressive behavior. .

Overall, the scientist found that the likelihood of aggressive behavior is greater as the dog ages, if the dog is a male, is small on the side and has a high level of fear.

SLIDESHOW: Breeds listed in the study as having the highest likelihood of aggressive behavior

When it comes to dog breeds, the researchers found that those with the highest risk of aggressive behavior were the rough collie, miniature poodle, and miniature schnauzer. Those with the lowest risk of aggressive behavior were the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, and Lapponian Shepherd.

Here’s a look at the overall results, published on

Figure 2
This graph was included in the study “Aggressive behavior is affected by demographic, environmental and behavioral factors in purebred dogs” by researchers at the University of Helsinki, published in Scientific Reports.

According to the report, dogs living without other dogs had a higher likelihood of aggressive behavior than dogs living with other dogs.

Based on their findings, the researchers say that increasing your knowledge about dogs and their behavior can reduce aggressive responses. Additionally, understanding that dogs can become more aggressive as they age or when they are frightened can help mitigate the behavior.

You can check out the full report below:

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