Dog show

St. Joseph Kennel Club Celebrates Centennial Dog Show

July 25—The St. Joseph Kennel Club concluded its Centennial Dog Show, marking 100 years of fun and competition for the organization.

The dog show was held Saturday and Sunday at the Civic Arena and was free to the public.

Attendees were greeted with performances certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC), ranging from Chihuahuas to breeds such as the Irish Wolf Hound.

Cathy Chase, president of the St. Joseph Kennel Club Dog Show, said this year’s events feature hundreds of dogs over the two days of the show.

“Over the two days, we had, every day, about 655 entries, so about 645 dogs. There (are) 200 different breeds recognized by the AKC, and we probably had about 175 different breeds here.”

This year’s “Best in Show” for Saturday and Sunday ended with a sweep by a Parson Russell Terrier, which Chase says is nothing short of amazing.

“After you win ‘Best in Breed’, you move on to (‘Best in Group’) and you hope to win the group,” she said. “After you win your group, you move on to ‘best in show…’ But each dog is judged by its own standard; he is not judged against the other dogs in the ring. “”

While most of the club’s previous years have seen the show maintain a February performance date, Chase said there are still plans to keep the show on its new July setting.

“Come join us next year,” she said. “We will also be the third weekend in July. Admission is free and you can see lots of great dogs, fun people to meet and we just love getting together to celebrate our dogs.”

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