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Rocky, Barry Bonds’ dog, takes part in the Westminster Dog Show

Barry Bonds is on top of a different game now

Sports fans tuning in to the Westminster Dog Show on Sunday would have spotted a surprisingly familiar face. Barry Bonds, the greatest baseball hitter of all time, was in the house, not as a fan, but as the owner of one of the dogs.

Bonds is a dog lover, but this is the first time one of his own has been to the big show. Learning that Bonds, the former muscle-hitter, entered a dog named Rocky on the WKC show, most people would probably imagine a Boxer, or a Great Dane, or some other similar type of breed. But no, Rocky is a miniature schnauzer.

Bonds was interviewed on FS1 about his interest in show dogs and explained that it was his sister who got him interested in Miniature Schnauzers around 25 years ago. Rocky (who is female) spends all of her time in North Carolina with her trainer, but Bonds is still the owner.

Bonds’ first big accomplishment in a dog show came in 2019 when his schnauzer Apollo was ranked first in the country.

And here’s Rocky at just five months old, alongside another of Bonds’ dogs, Adrienne.

Yes, all three have names inspired by the Rocky movies. During his FS1 interview, Bonds casually mentioned that the names aren’t just a nod to his love of movies. They also refer to the fact that he lived next door to Sylvester Stallone.

Rocky ended up winning Select Dog honors (essentially third place) in the Best of Breed contest.

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