Dog license

Proposal to increase dog license fees to go to the municipal assembly

Owning a dog in Dartmouth could cost a little more next year, after the Select Board approved a proposed article for the town assembly that would increase dog license fees by $3 for spayed or neutered animals.

If ratified by the municipal assembly, the fees will increase from $12 to $15 per year for 2022.

The increase would be used to contract a new licensing program called PetData, which would allow residents to apply for and pay for their licenses online.

“They would be able to do everything for us, including sending invoices and resolving issues, sending labels and uploading any information,” Town Clerk Sarah Arruda explained at the council meeting. administration of March 8.

The town hall currently registers between 3,500 and 4,500 dogs each year.

“It’s not a difficult task, but it’s very data-entry heavy,” Arruda noted. “[The new program] would allow myself and my staff to focus more on completing all census entries in-house.

According to Arruda, the new program would also allow Dartmouth animal control officers to search the database for animals registered in a particular area while in the field.

Dogs that are not spayed or spayed would still cost $20 to register with the city.

“It’s a perfect example of taking the antiquated system we had and turning it into something that’s not only more efficient, but also more user-friendly for our residents,” commented Select Board member David Tatelbaum.

“I hope so,” Arruda said. “As a resident with two dogs myself, I want to pay for everything online!”

“But if people still wanted to come in, we have that capability,” she added.

The select board unanimously approved a paper to bring the fee increase before the spring meeting in June.