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Popular dog breeds will never win the best of the Westminster show

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show presented by Purina® Pro Plan® has crowned hundreds of Best in Show winners during its three-century tenure. This year another dog added their name to this exclusive list of top dogs.

While theoretically any breed can win the Best in Show ribbon at the Madison Square Garden show, the reality is that some breeds win more than others – and some do win a parcel Following. Historically, terrier breeds like the Wire Fox Terrier and the Scottish Terrier have won Westminster more than 40 percent of the time. (In fact, these two races alone scored 15 and eight wins, respectively.)

But as anyone who has sat amid the hoots and yells of the opinionated Westminster public knows, there are certain breeds that are automatically crowd favorites. Any dog ​​that looks like a regular Joe, with a disheveled coat or wrinkled skin, usually gets crowd support. But breeds that are more picky and more prepared? Not really.

Whether out of loyalty or familiarity, Westminster fans also seek out the breed sitting on the couch next to them. But there’s a good chance they won’t get much satisfaction on this point, either. Of the top five breeds registered by the American Kennel Club, three have never won the Best in Show at the Garden award.

Below are a few canine hopefuls that have yet to beat their competition at the famous Manhattan dog show. Don’t miss the Westminster Kennel Club flagship show presented by Purina Pro Plan. You can watch each breed compete for the top spot by logging into Fox or the Fox Sports app on June 26.