Dog license

North Grenville dog license price increases March 31

If you have not yet renewed your license to keep your four-legged friend this year, the municipality advises you to apply for renewal as soon as possible.

North Grenville regulations state that you need a license to own any dog ​​that is at least six months old, with the exception of guide dogs and police dogs. The license, which comes with a tag that your dog must wear on its collar at all times, expires on December 31 each year.

If your dog lets go of his leash and runs away, he may be caught and taken to the pound, where you will need to register the dog with the municipality to retrieve him. Registering your dogs also helps police and city workers identify your dog if it goes missing. Getting caught with a dog without a license also results in a fine of over $100.

Until March 31, registering your dog and renewing your license costs $15 per dog. If you are unable to obtain a license for your dog before this date or if you obtain a new dog later in the year, it will cost you $30 to obtain it from April 1st until the end of the year. You can purchase a license on the North Grenville website.