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New Study Shows Which Dog Breeds Are Most Likely To Destroy Your Home

A new study has revealed which dog breeds are most likely to cause damage in your home.

The study, compiled by insurance website, gathered data from various dog owner forums to piece together which breed of dog is most likely to lead to home insurance complaints. They found that English pointers were the most destructive pets, due to the breed’s tendency to destroy clothing.

English pointers were also involved in a majority of 450 separate complaints about the destruction of furniture. The study categorized the dogs based on what parts of a normal household the breeds were most likely to destroy – meaning some particularly naughty breeds appear twice.

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The second most destructive dog was the Cavapoo (a Poodle, Cavalier Spaniel mix), whose destructive tendencies saw hundreds of separate complaints from the breed destroying owners’ furniture. Cavapoo’s was also in third place, as there were countless reported incidents of them destroying shoes.

Next is the Bernese Mountain Dog, a very large breed originating from the Swiss Alps. Perhaps because of their size, the Bernese has been recorded as the most destructive breed when it comes to doors with over 400 owners reporting incidents of their dog breaking or destroying their door.

The full list, including the items dogs are most likely to destroy, is as follows:

  1. English pointer (clothes)
  2. Cavapoo (furniture)
  3. Cavapoo (shoes)
  4. Bernese mountain dog (doors)
  5. Rottweiler (paper objects)
  6. Rottweiler (son)
  7. Great Dane (canapes)
  8. Labradoodle (towels)
  9. Springer Spaniel (carpet)
  10. Springer Spaniel (glass)

Jessica Willock, home insurance expert for, said: “While it certainly doesn’t outweigh the joy of having a dog in our lives, it is something to consider. It’s always best to research home insurance costs before committing, as not all insurers cover pet damage, so it’s definitely something to check before you buy.