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! Murcia Today – List of potentially dangerous dog breeds to be abolished in Spain

Publication date: 02/28/2022

Under new animal protection law, a dog’s dangerousness will be based on its behavior in Spain

The animal protection bill has been given the green light in Spain and is due to come into force later this year, with one of the most controversial measures being the amendment to the 1999 law classifying dangerous dog breeds. Under the new legislation, the list will essentially be abolished and animals will only be considered potentially dangerous “after carrying out an individualized sociability study”.

Owners of dogs who fail the test will in future need to obtain a special license to keep their pet and follow the corresponding regulations, which include keeping them on a short leash and using a muzzle. In addition, to obtain this permit, the owners must be of legal age and able to demonstrate that they can adequately care for the animal and they must take out civil liability insurance.

Finally, owners of dogs of potentially dangerous breeds must not have “been convicted of crimes of homicide, wounding, torture, infringement of liberty or moral integrity, sexual freedom and public health”, nor have any known association with an armed gang or a drug trafficking operation. .

Owners of hunting, herding and livestock guarding dogs are exempt from the compulsory general training course, while the draft establishes that these dogs will be classified as “special handling dogs outside the specific activity”.

Image: Peta