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It was the year we saw the violence in Tiananmen Square and the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. The year we had Meg Ryan in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and Michael Keaton in Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’. The year “Seinfeld” and “The Simpsons” made their television debuts, with no idea of ​​their success. The year that gave us New Kids on the Block and Paula Abdul while Madonna and Janet Jackson were enjoying their prime.

The jeans were pegged, the shoulders were padded, and the hair was feathery and huge. It was 1989, the peak of most Gen X youth.

A viral video of a group of high school kids sitting at their desks in 1989 — no doubt filmed by some AV club geeky kid who probably founded an internet startup — has gone viral on social media, tapping straight into the memory of the generation X. banks. For those of us who were in high school at the time, it’s like jumping into a time machine.

The show “Stranger Things” gave young people today a pretty good look at that era, but if you want to see exactly what the late 80s was like, it’s here:

Oh so many mules. And the Skid Row soundtrack is just the icing on that nostalgic cake. (Hair band power ballads were ubiquitous, kids.)

I swear I went to high school with everyone in this video. For example, I couldn’t have scripted a more perfect portrayal of my classmates (which is funny considering this video is from Paramus High School in New Jersey and I went to high school across the country).

Comments have been pouring in on Reddit from Gen Xers who lived through this era and those with questions.

First, the confirmations:

“I can confirm. I was a freshman that year, and not only did everyone look exactly like this (Metallica shirt included), but I looked like this too. 😱😅”

“I graduated in ’89, and although I didn’t go to that school, I know every person in that room.”

“It’s like I can practically smell the AquaNet and WhiteRain hairspray from here…”

“I remember every time you went to the bathroom you were hit by a lacquer wall and when the wind blew you looked like you had wings.”

Then the observations of how we reacted differently to cameras back then.

“Also look at how uncomfortable our generation was in front of the camera! I mean, I still am! Seeing kids posing immediately as soon as a phone is pointed at them is crazy to me 🤣”

“Born in ’84 and growing up in the late 80s and 90s, it’s hard to explain to young people that video cameras weren’t everywhere and you weren’t expecting to see yourself in what was being filmed. You just smile and go on with your life.”

Which, of course, led to some inevitable “ah the good old days” wailing:

“Life was better before the internet. There you go, I said it.”

“Not a cell phone in sight. Oh freedom.”

“It’s so nice to remember what life was like before cell phones absorbed and isolated social gatherings.”

But perhaps the most common answer was the age of these teenagers.

“Why do they all look like they’re in their thirties?”

“Everyone in this video is simultaneously 17 and 49.”

“Now we know why they always use 30-year-old actors in high school movies.”

As some people have pointed out, there is an explanation why they look old to us. It has more to do with how we interpret fashion than how old they actually are.

Ah, what a fun little trip down memory lane for those of us who have been through it. (Let’s all agree never to bring these hairstyles back, k?)