Dog show

Middle Georgia Kennel Club hosts dog show in Perry

Over 400 dogs and 89 different breeds competed to win the best in show.

PERRY, Ga. — On Saturday at the Perry Fairgrounds, there were more than 400 dogs and 89 different breeds represented from across the country and Canada.

The Middle Georgia Kennel Club held its annual dog show in Perry, where several pooches competed for best in show.

According to Sharon Yates, the show’s president, some of the events involve a beauty contest, a weight pull (where dogs pull weight to win a title), as well as an obedience obstacle course.

“I really love seeing people all my friends come and do this to us once a year, and we’ve had people coming to our show for 20 years. I love seeing everyone and the dogs,” Yates said. .

People came from Nebraska, Tennessee and Arkansas to participate in the competition.

Puppies must be UKC registered and judges look at what is in their breed standard to make assessments.

The dog that best meets the breed standard receives the award.

There are two shows a day over Labor Day weekend, and if you want to see the dogs in action, the shows last until Monday.


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