Dog license

Mattawa raises dog license and pound fees

MATTAWA — Members of the Mattawa City Council have raised dog licensing and impound fees as part of a review of the city’s fee schedule.

“The current (fee) does not cover our costs,” Public Works director Juan Ledezma said ahead of the vote.

Dog owners will be charged $25 per dog for the annual license. Previously, dog owners had to pay $10 per dog. The stray dog ​​capture fee has been increased to $30 and the pound fee has been increased to $15 per day. Previously, the capture fee was $15 and dog owners had to pay an impound fee of $6 per day.

Council members approved the new fees at the July 21 meeting. During the related discussion, Council Member Brian Beghout asked if the fee before the increase covered the city’s costs.

It was then that Ledezma said no.

The fees went into effect July 22, and dog owners who purchase new licenses will pay the $25 fee. For residents who have already registered their dogs for 2022, the new licensing fees take effect January 1.

Council member Alex Heredia suggested two different fees, charging more for dogs that had not been spayed or neutered.

“I feel like it will prevent more dogs from being produced,” Heredia said.

However, council member Fabiola Hernandez said raising the annual fee too high could lead to some dog owners not getting a license.

“January is when we have to pay (license fees), and a lot of people don’t have jobs,” Hernandez said. “January is a difficult month.”

Council member Silvia Barajas said a supplement for unneutered or neutered dogs would not solve the problem of irresponsible dog owners who are as likely to worry about spaying and neutering their animals as they do about their grant a license.

“There are two Huskies running in my neighborhood,” Barjas said. “I don’t know if they are neutered or not, but I doubt these dogs are registered.”

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