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Large dog breeds gain popularity as lockdown drives up demand

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Demand for large dog breeds has increased as families traded city life for country living during the pandemic, according to new figures released by the Kennel Club.

Although these giant puppies can take up more room on the sofa, Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, English Setters and old english sheepdogs are among the breeds that the British are falling in love with again. In fact, of the 10 breeds that are gaining popularity, six of them have been classified as “large” breeds.

The English Setter, among the largest medium-sized dogs, enjoyed a 109% increase in registrations, while the Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, weighing between 121 and 165 lbs (55 and 75 kg), are also up increasingly popular with the British. Meanwhile, the Old English Sheepdogs, Giant Schnauzers, chows chows and Akita all experienced a significant increase in enrollment.

“We are delighted to see that some of our most vulnerable native breeds, such as the much loved Old English Sheepdog and the historic English Setter, have seen some of the biggest increases in popularity over the past year,” said Kennel spokesman Bill Lambert. Club, says The Telegraph.

Moving to the countryside has suddenly become much more appealing during nationwide lockdowns, with Bill explaining that it’s one of the reasons households were considering larger puppies. He continues: “Perhaps puppy buyers resisted the urge to go for the more obvious choices, and instead used confinement and time at home to properly search for their new family member at four legs and find the one that best suits their lifestyle.”

english setter
English Setters also made the list

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Ali Taylor, canine behavior and training manager at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, told the Daily mail: “It’s no wonder that large dogs are growing in popularity; not only are they striking to look at, but they can also become incredibly affectionate and rewarding pets. Large breeds can take up a little more space on your couch, but that’s only because there’s more to love!”

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