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“Jump! ‘The Ultimate Dog Show’ Owner Holds Two World Titles

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – During the dog show at the Nebraska State Fair on Tuesday, the dogs performed a variety of tricks. “Jump! The Ultimate Dog Show” is a traveling show that takes place across the country and involves dogs competing in speed agility, woven pole racing, Frisbee and more.

Lou Mack, trainer, handler and owner of “Jump! The Ultimate Dog Show,” said he started traveling for shows more than 35 years ago.

He and Mindi Lindsey, trainer and handler for the dog show, said they had more than 10 dogs.

Mack added that part of what they promote on their shows is dog adoption.

“There are a lot of dogs in shelters, man, so we encourage people to go, but do your homework,” Mack said. “And we always encourage people to bring a dog that suits your best lifestyle that you know, your work lifestyle, your family lifestyle. If you’re a really active family, you know, get a Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd, you know, something that’s active.

Before he even imagined the show, Mack lived an almost entirely different life. Mack was a full-time general contractor until he entered a show in Davis, California, where he acquired an Australian Shepherd who changed his way.

“It turns out that he tried to be the most successful Frisbee dog ever,” Mack said. “He became the San Francisco 49er mascot for about seven or eight years, we traveled with the team.”

He added that he has traveled the world with Australian Shepherd Scooter by his side and even won two world titles with the dog. Mack said that through their involvement with the 49ers, the public began to notice his and Scooter’s work and he began to receive phone calls after phone calls asking to host a dog show.

Mack said the constant demands eventually led him to quit his job as a contractor. Although the first two years in the dog show business were tough, he says it wasn’t long before he took off.

Since then, Mack had toured the world for canine performances. He was traveling in the United States with Jump! and decided to make a return to the Grand Island Fair for its fourth year.

“We love the Nebraska State Fair,” he said. “The people are so good here, the crowds are great and really receptive. Lots of dogs here too, man. So they can associate, you know, we have a lot of people who are certain races or mixed races, you know, that we have in the show, so they hang around after the show, you know, and they get really excited. ”

To see “Jump!” The Ultimate Dog Show, head to the fairgrounds or check the Nebraska State Fair website for show times.

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