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JauncyDev’s hilarious ‘If Dog Breeds Were Humans’ videos are taking over TikTok!

A man has gone viral on TikTok with his ‘If Dog Breeds Were Humans’ videos, and they’re as hilarious as they look.

All of the best TikTok videos revolve around dogs. Whether it’s someone pranking their dog, showing off their adorable pup, or doing the latest viral pet challenge, it never gets old.

The latest trend taking over TikTok is “If Dog Breeds Were Humans,” and it’s all thanks to one guy’s hilarious videos.

What is the “If Dog Breeds Were Humans” trend?

TikTok users are obsessed with a brand new trend called “If Dog Breeds Were Humans”.

All you have to do is show how you think a particular breed of dog would act if it were a human, and post your video on TikTok.

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It’s really simple, but totally hilarious, and it’s going viral thanks to JauncyDev.

JauncyDev’s videos have taken over TikTok

The “If Dog Breeds Were Human” trend has been around on TikTok for a while now, but it’s going viral in April 2021 thanks to a guy.

His name is Jonny Devaney, or @jauncydev on TikTok, and his series of videos have completely taken over the app.

On April 23, he posted a video where he showed what a Pitbull, Poodle, Golden Retriever, Huskie, Corgi, and Chihuahua would look like as a human, and everyone was totally obsessed with it.

It racked up 19.6 million views and 4.5 million likes, which led to him doing a second part.

In part two, he did the same, but this time choosing different dog breeds, including a Samoyed, Great Dane, Yorkshire Terrier, Greyhound, Yellow Labrador, Australian Shepherd, and St. Bernard.

The second video got the same reaction, so he then did part three, four, and five!

Check them all out on his profile here.

Who is JauncyDev?

JauncyDev is a guy from Ottawa, Canada who has amassed over 800,000 followers on TikTok.

He is well known for his comedic sketches and posts very regularly on TikTok.

You can also follow him on Instagram @jauncydev.