Dog breeds

Insurance companies for dog breeds reluctant to cover amid crackdown on pugs and French bulldogs

There are certain dog breeds that insurance companies are hesitant to cover, pet owners have been warned. It comes amid growing speculation that pugs and French bulldogs could be put down amid staggeringly high breeding numbers.

Each insurer has its own rules regarding which dogs they will not cover. Most do not cover the types listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act.

But dog breeds don’t have to be banned for insurers to be wary. Some companies are wary of giant dog breeds, those with a history of hereditary diseases.

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Dogs used for guarding, running errands and hunting also cause anxiety among insurance companies. The same goes for dogs used for breeding.

The bigger the dog, the bigger the vet bill. And that can make insuring things like Malamutes and Great Danes difficult. Akitas, German Shepherds, and St. Bernards are also considered riskier by insurance companies to insure.

The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 tackles the problem of dangerous dogs by prohibiting the ownership of named breeds except under strictly controlled conditions. The breeds currently controlled in this way are Pit Bull Terriers and Japanese Tosa, as well as Dogos Argentinos and also Fila Brasileiros.

Where a person is found guilty of a breach of this Act, the court may order the dog destroyed and impose a fine of up to £5,000. Charity chiefs this week called for pugs and French bulldogs to be at the center of tougher regulations as poor breeding continues.

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