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Fall River’s 10 most popular dog breeds

Last week we revealed the most popular dog breeds in New Bedford. While the results were somewhat surprising, as we pointed out in the article, the numbers only represented properly licensed dogs. There is an unknown amount of dogs that belong to the city that are not properly licensed.

An interesting piece of information from New Bedford was that the top 3 dogs were all small dogs. After you think about it more, there is some logic as most people will agree that it’s easier to own a small dog in the city than a big one.

We decided to see if the same applies to Fall River. We spoke to the Fall River City Clerk, who gave us the top 10 dogs in the town of Spindle. Small dogs continued to dominate the popularity contest, but some of the larger dogs did better in Fall River than in New Bedford, with Pit Bulls and German Shepherds ranking higher.

Fall River’s 10 most popular dog breeds

We reached out to the City of Fall River Clerk to find out the 10 best dog breeds allowed in the city.

New Bedford’s 20 Most Popular Dog Breeds

We found out about the 20 most popular dogs people own in New Bedford.

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