Dog license

Erie and PA remind residents of dog license laws

(WJET/WFXP/ — Pennsylvania and the City of Erie are reminding pet owners that dogs must be allowed.

The requirement dates back to Law 225 of 1982 which states: “…no later than January 1 of each year, the owner of any dog ​​three months or older, except as hereinafter provided, must s Apply to the county treasurer of his respective county or an agent under Section 200(a), on a form prescribed by the department, for the appropriate license for the dog.

For residents of the City of Erie, a license can be purchased from City Hall, the Erie Humane Society, and the ANNA Shelter. License applications are also accepted online.

According to a City Facebook post on June 16licensing fees fund kennel investigations and prosecutions, protecting the public from dangerous dogs, kennel health and safety inspections, and efforts to reunite lost dogs with their owners.

Dogs outside the cities of Erie, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Scranton, Altoona and Harrisburg must be licensed by the respective county treasurer. Applications are available via the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture website. The Erie County Treasurer is located in Erie, the Crawford County Treasurer is located in Meadville, and the Warren County Treasurer is located in Warren.

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Current license fees are $8.50 per year or $51.50 for a lifetime license. Neutered and spayed dogs can be licensed for $6.50 per year or $31.50 for a lifetime license.