Dog license

Doonites could face hefty fines for not having a dog license

There is important news for dog lovers. If you have more than three dogs in your home, your problems may increase. There is a new rule for dog owners in Dehradun. By virtue of this, permission will be obtained to have a maximum of two or three dogs. The proposal was approved at the executive meeting of the Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam Dehradun). The rules will go into effect as soon as the board receives the green signal. The number of companion dogs in the city continues to increase. With this in mind, the Municipal Corporation is preparing to implement the new rule.

According to a survey, there are currently around 35,000 companion dogs in the city. While licenses have been issued to comparatively very few dogs. Dogs litter everywhere as they walk. Growing up in others too. When the guests come to the neighbors, there is discomfort because of the dogs. Recently, the company team learned during the investigation that not 2-3 but 8-10 dogs were bred in many homes.

It annoys people around. Their nocturnal barking disturbs the sleep of the neighbors. There is a plethora of complaints in society. Given the seriousness of the case, a proposal was made to determine the number of domesticated dogs in households. The executive committee accepted the proposal.

Apart from this, pet dog record is also mandatory. If you haven’t done so far, you risk a fine ranging from five hundred to five thousand rupees. The trial will also take place for the third time. More than 50,000 stray dogs in the city have also become a cause of panic. Mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama said the maximum number of companion dogs was being set. Apart from that, challan action will also be taken against those who do not register the companion dog. Four teams were formed for this.