Dog order

Dog owners could be fined £100 under new proposed Public Spaces Protection Order in West Northamptonshire

West Northamptonshire Council is proposing rules in the Daventry and South West Northamptonshire areas to encourage responsible dog ownership and smoking cessation in certain public open spaces. These proposals will be examined during the council of ministers of the council on September 13 at 6 p.m.

These proposals include a £100 fine for dog owners if they fail to:

– pick up your dog’s droppings and dispose of it properly

Dog owners could soon be fined.

-wear the means to pick up after their dog

-prevent their dog from entering public places where dogs are excluded, such as playgrounds, schools and some recreational facilities

-keep their dog on a leash when necessary, such as in cemeteries, parking lots and outside schools on school days

– put their dog on a leash at the request of an authorized agent

Other proposals include limiting the number of dogs anyone can walk at one time to four and banning smoking in children’s playgrounds, skate parks and certain other recreational venues.

Councilor David Smith, WNC Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Engagement and Regulatory Services, said: ‘I would like to thank everyone who has taken an interest in this issue and taken the time to speak up. and respond to our survey. All points of view were considered and taken into account.

“While the vast majority of owners are caring and responsible, there are those who are not. Last year alone, we received over 230 complaints about dog fouling and control issues, and we promise to solve this problem.

In spring 2022, citizens, businesses and other organizations such as schools were invited to comment on the proposals during a six-week consultation period. The results of the consultation have now been analyzed and used to form a draft decree which can be viewed on the WNC website – orders-pspos

The feedback provided will help shape the final proposals and guide councilors in their decisions and, if accepted, will apply to both Daventry and South West Northamptonshire areas for three years until September 2025.