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Dog License Renewals Due in June for Watertown and Oakville Residents | Animals & Horses

WATERTOWN – The City of Watertown Clerk would like to remind all Watertown and Oakville dog owners that June is Dog Licensing Month.

The Clerk’s office is located at 61 Echo Lake Rd. Town of Water.

The office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

License fees for a dog 6 months or older are $8 for a modified dog and $19 for an unmodified dog.

Proof for a modified dog must be provided.

A copy of a current rabies certificate is also required.

Dog owners can renew their dog’s license either by going to the City Clerk’s office or by mailing payment.

Submitters should provide a copy of the current rabies certificate if there has been a re-vaccination since last June, or provide veterinary information so the office can request updated information.

Although licensing a dog is the law, it also brings benefits to pooches and their owners.

The most important way a tag can help you is to find the owners of lost pets.

Because each tag’s ID is associated with the animal’s family, owners can be easily contacted when a fugitive is recovered by an animal control officer.

As 4th of July fireworks season approaches, a license tag on a dog’s collar can be the key factor in reuniting a pup with his family after being spooked by fireworks.

Owners can be fined if their dogs are found stray by animal control officers and do not have an up-to-date license.

Additionally, there is a $1 late fee for each month a dog is not registered after June 30.

More licensing information can be found on the City Clerk’s webpage at or by calling 860-945-5230.

The Clerk would also like to remind everyone that pet food is always needed and greatly appreciated at the Watertown Food Bank.

There is a designated cart outside Watertown City Hall for donations.