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Dog license applications open Wednesday | News

Applications for 2022 dog registrations can be made from Wednesday.

Ohio law provides that by January 31 of each year, all owners of dogs 3 months of age or older must be registered in the county in which the dog is kept. The information required for registration is the age, sex, sterilized or sterilized, color, coat length, breed, name of the dog as well as the name, address and telephone number of the owner.

An entry fee of $ 14 must be paid with the application for each dog entered in order to comply with ORC Section 955.01. For convenience, the Auditor’s Office is mailing renewal of registration forms to registered owners. Homeowners who registered in 2021 via the Internet will receive a reminder email.

Dogs can be registered for a period of one year, a term of three years, or a permanent license (for the life of the dog). When filling out the application, choose your term. The costs are:

One-year license $ 14, three-year license $ 42, and permanent license $ 140. No refund is allowed.

Each kennel owner is also required to register annually with the county auditor by January 31, and must pay an application fee of $ 70. Ohio law provides that the penalty after Jan. 31 is the amount equal to the registration fee for each type of license; therefore, the penalty would be $ 14 for regular licenses and $ 70 for kennel licenses in addition to the regular registration fee.

People who acquire dogs after January 31 have 30 days after the date of acquisition or the date the dog turns three months old to register with the auditor’s office.

The preferred method of renewal is by mail or online. When submitting the request, please include the license fee, dog information (as stated above) and a stamped envelope to your address for return of the license. If required, licenses can be purchased in person at the Wood County Auditor’s Office on the 2nd Floor of the County Office Building between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or at the County Dog Shelter in Wood. Internet applications can be made at and require an additional processing fee of $ 2.15 per license which is paid to the online business that processes the credit card purchase. Please do not send cash with your application by mail.

For more information, contact 419-354-9150.

The Wood County District Board of Health has passed a bylaw requiring all dogs to be immunized against rabies.

Mail inquiries to: Matthew Oestreich, Wood County Auditor, One Courthouse Square, PO 368, Bowling Green, OH 43402.