Dog breeds

Dog breeds with the best and worst behavior listed in new study

We’re not quite at the naughty or nice time of the year yet. But a new study has revealed whether your dog could tick any of these boxes based on his mannerisms.

A study by pet insurance company Protect My Paws revealed the best and worst behaved dogs, calculating its ranking based on Instagram hashtags around the world associated with good or bad behavior ( #gooddog, #cleverdog, #cleverpuppy, #baddog, #naughtypuppy, #cheekydog, #muddydog). Data has been compiled through June.

The study, titled “Mischievous Mutts,” found that the clear winner for best-behaved dog is the Korean Jindo, which scored 76% of good behavior posts. The Japanese Spitz, on the other hand, recorded 87% bad behavior. .

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“If being affectionate is a crime, the snowball known as the Spitz goes straight to the doghouse,” the study authors write. “Add this lack of respect for your personal space to a playful sense of humor, and you can expect to be climbed over, interrupted, snuggled up and mischievously cuddled. What a villain!”

Other key findings showed that South Africa is home to the meanest dogs (88% of dog behavior Instagram posts were negative). Ukraine, on the other hand, wins the best behavior with 97% of good reports.

In the United States, 47 out of 50 states show that people think their dogs are well behaved. But there were a few outliers (ahem, Kansas and North Carolina) in which state residents gave their pooches poor reviews — below the 50 percentiles.