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Deadline for dog license purchases next week | Connect

Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson reminds all dog owners that Monday, January 31 is the last day to purchase 2022 dog licenses without penalty. Penalties are severe if you do not purchase your dog license on time. The cost of purchasing a dog license will double after the deadline. This can be a significant burden for dog owners who have multiple pets. The auditor does not have the authority to cancel penalties for any reason after the deadline.

Thompson approached the Board of Commissioners to request an extension, but was told there was no interest.

“Staffing shortages and the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic have strained access for dog owners to purchase licenses,” Thompson pointed out. “Local businesses that usually host our staff for license sales have understandably been more hesitant this year. Our office has been unable to offer sales at county locations and has been limited to office, mail and online sales.

Your dog’s license is required by state law and can aid in the quick and safe return of a lost pet.


  • In line – This payment option is limited to credit cards only and processing fees apply.
  • In Person – Dog licenses can be purchased in person at the County Auditor’s office and also at the Athens County Dog Shelter. Check their respective websites for hours of operation.
  • Mail — Applications are available online or by contacting the county auditor’s office at (740) 592-3223. The dog license application along with a check or money order and a postage-paid self-addressed envelope must be received by the county auditor’s office no later than Monday, January 31, 2022.

Licenses for kennels can only be purchased at the Athens County Auditor’s office. Individuals must be in the business of professionally breeding dogs for hunting or sale to be eligible for a kennel license. Kennels will be subject to inspection by the Athens County Dog Warden.

Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson urges you to buy your dog tags because it could save your dogs’ lives; a tagged dog is more likely to find its way back home after getting lost.

Get your license today! Feel free to call the Athens County Auditor’s Office at 740-592-3223 with any questions regarding your dog license.