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Columbia Park Dog Show, Fun Run & Fast Cat | News


Dog shows have been around since the 1800s, first designed to showcase the different breeds from around the world.

This year the Tri-Cities Cluster Show and the Richland Kennel Club created the Fun Run/Fast Cat event for Tri-Cities dogs.

The Fun Run is a chance for dog owners to see how fast their dogs can be and what they can work on.

A Fast Cat is a new competition in dog shows. It’s a 100 meter dash after a plastic bag for time. For one weekend, the Richland Kennel Club and the Tri-Cities Cluster Show are hosting a Fast Cat Trial at Columbia Park.

Clubs hold shows in the fall and this year is Richland’s 75th birthday.

Stacey Davis, president of the Tri-Cities Cluster Show, tells me that clubs offer scholarships to juniors. As a second-generation show participant, she hopes that families will continue to participate in dog shows generation after generation.

Richland Kennel Club president Mark Eby tells me that Richland started giving scholarships 30 years ago.

“It’s taken where other clubs in the North West are doing the same,” says Mark.

Together, Mark and Stacey have been performing for 5 years. Mark however, he and his wife have been showing dogs for over 40 years.

At this weekend’s events, they had more turnout than expected. Both tell me they have more juniors signed up for the show than in years past.

Both tell me they hope that continuing to create events like this will inspire the youth community in and around the Tri-Cities to become more involved in dog shows.

The Richland Kennel Club Fall Shows are September 29-20 and October 1-2. To sign up, find them on the Kennel Club website.

And if you want to participate in this weekend’s activities, the Fast Cat is taking registrations in person from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Columbia Park.