Dog breeds

Clean Dog Breeds: These are the 10 cleanest lovable dog breeds that need little bathing and grooming

If you are thinking of adopting a dog, you are not alone. Kennel Club figures show that the number of people looking for puppies has increased by around 8% during the pandemic. But with 221 different purebred dog breeds to choose from, there’s a lot of thought to be done before choosing the latest four-legged addition to your family.

Those with an active lifestyle may want to consider a larger dog, while someone with allergies will look for a hypoallergenic dog. Many dogs need lots of attention to keep their coats in good condition – with daily brushing essential and regular visits to a professional groomer important to keeping them in top condition.

But others need a little more than the occasional bath to stay beautiful, saving you time and money. Here are 10 of the dogs that need grooming the least, according to the American Kennel Club.