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Best dog breeds suitable for the office: Golden Retrievers, French Bulldogs and more

Tania Leslau

The pandemic has seen a boom in animals purchases. Now that office life is back and thriving, it’s important to be able to bring your beloved pup to work with you to avoid your dog spend long hours alone at home.

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As of 2020, an estimated 13 million people in the UK are now dog owners, which equates to around 34% of households. But the sharp rise in the number of dog owners could pose a problem for office-based ‘pet parents’, two-thirds of working adults are now fully back in the office while only 25% of offices claim to cater dogs.

From Golden Retrievers to French Bulldogs, we’ve rounded up the five best office dog breeds with help from wisdom panel – and not all of them are small.

Are you in desperate need of a dog, but not sure which breed will fit office life best? We have what you need. Keep scrolling to find out more…

Best canine colleagues in the office

french bulldogs

French Bulldogs tend to make lots of strange noises, however, barking is usually not part of their musical talents.


Whippets generally contain smaller sebaceous glands and are therefore less likely to smell, making them the perfect office dog.

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Golden retriever

Golden Retrievers are generally calm and cheerful dogs, perfect for the office and romping around with cuddles on lunch breaks.

Chow Chows

Chow Chows are reserved and independent breeds, which can often be left to their own devices.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are very social dogs and get along well with other four-legged “workers”.

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WFH Best Companions


Beagles and Dachshunds are known for their vocal skills, which may be best left at home.


Vizslas are notorious for chewing on things, and if they don’t have proper chew toys in the office, they can take matters into their own hands.

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Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards tend to be dog-smelling and have been known to drool and have an active outdoor lifestyle.

Jack Russel

Jack Russells are known to suffer from separation anxiety and are best suited to home spaces.


Akitas can be aggressive if not trained properly and are best when they are the only dog ​​around, so the office may not be for them.

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