Dog order

Beer for your dog? The Whiskey Barrel can fulfill this order

Crafty Beast Brewing, located in Nova Scotia, makes non-alcoholic beer just for dogs; “Everyone with a patio should store it. Dogs love it and it’s good for them’

Dunbar Thompson discovered beer for dogs late last summer while on a father-daughter shopping spree in Toronto.

The co-owner of Sault Ste. from Marie The barrel of whiskey overheard a conversation between a woman and the manager of a pub he was visiting while his daughters were shopping nearby.

“She gave the manager her pitch on the patio but he didn’t bite,” Thompson said. “When she was about to leave, I called her and told her I owned a pub in northern Ontario and was interested in her craft beer for dogs.”

Crafty Beast Brewing, located in Nova Scotia, manufactures Fetch, a non-alcoholic craft beer just for dogs. Simply put, the infusion allows people who like to do everything with their dogs to relax and enjoy a cool infusion – while their dog is drinking too.

Because it was late last season, Thompson said he didn’t sell much dog beer. But this season, more of it has moved — and he’s added a second Crafty Beast brand, Unleashed, which is formulated for more active dogs.

“Everyone with a patio should stock it,” Thompson said. “Dogs love it and it’s good for them.”

The beverage is alcohol-free and an excellent source of essential minerals. It also provides canine companions with immune system and joint support and helps promote digestion and a healthy gut.

Since opening in 2018, The Whiskey Barrel has expanded its whiskey offering from around 40 to more than 60 brands, Thompson said. Some of the original offerings are no longer available, so they have been replaced by other brands.

It also has some interesting cocktails on the menu, as well as a number of local craft beers perfect for sipping while listening to live music in the pub on a Friday or Saturday night.

The Whiskey Barrel also continues to offer an unusual and interesting menu of food and non-alcoholic beverages for humans as well as dogs.

Made from homemade ice cream artisan root beer, its root beer floats are worth a ride across town. Sparkling Water Sap Suckeran organic drink made from tree water — sap sustainably harvested from trees in Ontario and Quebec — is also there.

Thompson says the menu tends to be pretty cohesive and includes unusual offerings like bites of haggis (when he can get the ingredients), Scotch eggs and Neeps and Tatties.

But he likes to experiment with his recipes and try new things.

One of the sources he drew on is The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook, a cookbook that recreates recipes for dishes that could have been served in Skyrim, Morrowind, and all of Tamriel. Even if you’re not Dragonborn, you’ll enjoy the special soups and dishes Thompson creates after reading the cookbook.

The cookbook was a gift from his wife and co-owner of The Whiskey Barrel, Melissa Thompson.