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Auditor Adds Registrar Conneaut to Dog License Sales List | Local News

JEFFERSON — Dog licensing was discussed last week when Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas and office manager Sue Belden met with Conneaut Library manager Kathy Zappitello and administrative assistant, Amanda Smith.

Zappitello and the Conneaut Public Library are the latest registrars to sell dog licenses on behalf of the Ashtabula County Auditor’s Office.

“We really appreciate the Conneaut Library providing this service to our residents who may not have easy internet access or can’t get to Jefferson for their dog license,” Thomas said.

The Conneaut Public Library will be the only physical location to purchase a new dog license or renew an existing license for the upcoming year. The library will begin offering this service to the public on December 1.

“Providing local residents with the ability to register their dogs at the Conneaut Public Library is a step in the right direction when it comes to quality of life,” Zappitello said. “At the library, we fully support a pet-friendly community and are taking action to champion this initiative.”

Dog license registrars collect owner and payment information and send it to the auditor’s office. The dog’s owner then receives a license by mail. These mobile locations facilitate customer service for residents who do not wish to purchase a license online or at the county courthouse auditor’s office.

The Auditor’s Office now has nine Registrars across Ashtabula County.

“We are thrilled the library is helping our residents in the northeast corner of the county,” Thomas said. “The Conneaut Library provides excellent customer service and is a great addition to our current registrars in the community. »

All dogs three months or older must register or renew their license annually between December 1 and January 31. Those who currently have a license will receive notice by mail for renewal, which can be done in person, online. , or by mail. The licenses alert the dog sitter to official ownership and owner contact information if a dog gets lost.

Licenses cost $12 for a one-year tag, with fees contributing to hosting costs and dog sitter funds. Purchasing a license from a registrar or online includes a small fee of less than $1 to cover service expenses.

The Auditor’s Office has set new records every year for dog licenses, now at nearly 11,000. Thomas estimates there are about 40,000 dogs in Ashtabula County

The 2021 inaugural Top Dog Essay Contest kicked off Monday with fourth and fifth graders and people with developmental disabilities able to participate in writing a short essay about why their pup is the best dog in Ashtabula County. . Essays and photos must be submitted to the Auditor’s Office by November 22. More information is available on the auditor’s website or call 440-576-3786.