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A look at the fastest dog breeds in the world | Pets

Imagine walking your adorable dog down your favorite stretch of road, when a car alarm suddenly catches your eye. The second you have to peek into the fuss, your best furry friend jumps up, ripping the leash from your hand. By the time you turn around and start running, the dog is already halfway down the block and you realize you may need a bike or even a car to catch up to him, depending on the breed. .

This scenario can be nightmare fuel for some, but it’s a common occurrence experienced by nearly every pet owner at some point. This makes it all the more important to understand a dog’s breed before taking on the responsibility of caring for and training a canine friend.

Often dogs capable of running at high speeds were originally bred for hunting and herding purposes, including the Border Collie and the Anatolian Shepherd, both of which excel in agility and speed, and require vigorous exercise to burn off their extra energy.

Consider this: The top speed a human has reached is 27.5 miles per hour, achieved by Olympian Usain Bolt in his record-breaking 100-meter sprint in 2009. That’s about the minimum speed for a dog to even make this list – we start with the Boston terrier, with a top speed of 25 miles per hour, and end with the famous racing breed the Greyhound, with a top speed of 45 miles per hour. These dogs can run flat out longer than humans, to boot.

Stacker ranked 23 dog breeds by top speed, using data from the American Kennel Club, Vetstreet, and World’s Fastest Dogs, to help better understand your energetic companion.

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