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6 Empathetic Dog Breeds for Emotional Support

Although all dogs provide endless love and companionship, some breeds are more empathetic than others. From Labradors to Golden Retrievers, there are many breeds of emotional support dogs that excel at comforting you in times of stress and understanding how you’re feeling.

“Certain dog breeds are particularly known for their emotional support due to their friendly, gentle, loyal and affectionate natures,” the Kennel Club said. Country life. “Of course, it is important to note that the behavior and attitude of any dog ​​depends on its training, socialization and individual personality.”

On that note, take a look at the six empathetic dog breeds below…

1. Labradors

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“Labradors are adaptable and devoted companions,” says the Kennel Club. “They are a versatile breed and because of this, in addition to their friendly nature, they make excellent emotional support dogs for adults or children, and are also well suited as guide and therapy dogs.”

2. Golden Retrievers

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“These intelligent, confident and incredibly friendly dogs are very supportive of their owners and a real family favourite,” the team says. “Their affectionate nature and soft coat make them a therapeutic four-legged friend. Like Labradors, they have long been fantastic therapy dogs, providing emotional support to their owners.”

3. Maltese

maltese puppy

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Have you thought about adopting a Maltese dog? According to the Kennel Club, these empathetic puppies provide excellent emotional support.

“A smaller breed, the Maltese can be a good emotional support and companion dog, especially for those who are less mobile, due to their compact size, gentle nature and gentle characteristics. They tend to bond easily and love to have their owners’ attention, too. Grooming their soft white coats can be very therapeutic.

4. Greyhound

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“Although they are a bit more independent at times, Greyhounds tend to be affectionate, sensitive and docile, making them a supportive pet and a good owner’s best friend,” says the Kennel Club.

5. Newfoundland

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“These gentle giants have been man’s best friend for centuries and actually have life-saving instincts. Calm, patient, devoted and loyal, Newfoundlands make fantastic companions.”

6. Staffordshire Bull Terrier


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“Staffordshire Bull Terriers are known as wonderful pets and can provide a lot of emotional support. They are very intelligent, sensitive and affectionate, especially with children.”

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