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5 Most Obedient and Easy to Train Dog Breeds

Georgia Brown

If you have decided to adopt a puppy, be aware that some breeds are much more difficult to train than others. A lot dog breeds will easily make loyal family members, become your closest companions, and may encourage you to exercise more, but it may take an experienced owner to train some of the more stubborn puppies to follow basic commands.

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Whether you’re a first-time owner or have grown up with pets, understanding which dog breeds are the easiest to train can come in handy if you’re not looking to dedicate hours of your time to it. toilet training your four-legged dog. friend.

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More importantly, some owners might not have the time or resources to raise a dog that is less likely to be obedient due to early trauma. Check out the best easy-to-train dog breeds below…

Why is dog training so important?

Not only will training your puppy make your life easier (think fewer accidents, no chewed up furniture, and minimal loud barking), but it will also help your dog understand the boundaries of your home. No puppy will appreciate being yelled at for having an accident if they haven’t learned where to urinate properly.


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Whether you’re teaching your dog basic commands or looking to train your puppy to be a show dog, training can become an important part of bonding with your pet.

Top 5 dog breeds that are easy to train

German shepherd

German shepherd

If you have the space to house this loyal breed, German Shepherds are one of the most obedient and hardworking dog breeds, making them excellent puppies for owners looking for minimal downtime. training stoppage. A favorite of the police and military, the German Shepherd is renowned for its ability to learn new things quickly.

Golden retriever


Adored by dog ​​lovers the world over, Golden Retrievers are highly affectionate and intelligent dogs that can thrive in any home. Despite their size, well-trained Goldies are approachable, gentle, and happy to fit into a busy lifestyle. They love to learn, making them easy to train and therefore a great choice for any dog ​​owner, from the inexperienced beginner to one looking to get into Crufts.



There’s a reason Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodles often top the dog show leaderboards. Not only are they gorgeous, but a healthy mix of obedience, intelligence, and playfulness make them ideal trainees who can remember commands and follow orders.



Many small dogs have a reputation for being stubborn, but not the Papillon. What they lack in size, they make up for in intelligence, with an impressive ability to understand commands.

border collie


If you’re concerned about training your dog, the Collie will soon put your mind at ease. These dogs are calm in a crisis, independent, but loyal and consider the whole family worthy of protection. When untrained, these naughty dogs can be destructive and stubborn, but their intelligence allows them to take command quickly. 5 obedient dog breeds that are so easy to train.

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