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5 Hairless Dog Breeds That Will Stand Out at the Dog Park

There is no doubt that hairless dog breeds are unique. Unlike their furry counterparts, these puppies come with a lot less vacuuming and grooming, but just as much love and affection. And while it’s easy to assume that hairless puppies are better suited for allergy sufferers, the American Kennel Club reminds us that before adopting one, it’s important to note that people with dog allergies react to dander. and to the dog’s saliva, not just their coats, so a hairless dog may not solve all of your problems in that department. For those who just want a dog, without all the shedding, check out the five hairless dog breeds below.

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Caring for Hairless Dogs

Before we dive into the breeds, we must point out that less hair does not mean less maintenance. When choosing to buy a hairless dog you should be aware that they may need a little extra TLC as they lack the protective barrier that fur provides.

Hair wards off the elements of extreme cold or extreme heat. So be sure to apply sunscreen to your pup during the summer. We suggest Epi-Pet’s Pet Sunscreen Spray, but the pros at Tufts Your Dog say a pediatric sunscreen, like Thinkbaby’s Natural Baby Sunscreen, with an SPF above 50 will also do. the case. During the colder months, be sure to equip your dog with warm clothing to prevent illness. Be sure to bathe your dog frequently and use a moisturizing shampoo, such as Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo with Colloidal Oatmeal and Honey, to prevent skin infections.

Height: 12-16 inches

Weight: 5.5 to 26 pounds

Physical Attributes: Small and muscular with coat colors such as pink and gray, white and apricot, black, white and black, to name a few.

Hailing from Louisiana, American Hairless Terriers behave with the whimsy of a real terrier. They are brave, intelligent, active and very playful, making them excellent pets. Although the majority of these puppies are born hairless, some have very short, thin coats that may not be suitable for allergy sufferers.

Height: 10-14 inches (toy); 14-18 inches (miniatures); 18-23 inches (standard)

Weight: 10-15 pounds (toy); 15-30 pounds (miniature); 30-55 pounds (standard)

Physical Attributes: Wrinkles on the forehead; Muscled body; glabrous or coated.

Pronounced show-low-eats-queent-lee or Xolo (show-low) for short, you can find this dog in toy, miniature or standard size. Ultra-loving and extremely loyal, Xolos are among the most vigilant watchdogs. This ancient breed has been around for 3,000 years – dating back to the days of the Aztec Empire – and comes in dark colors, ranging from black, grey-black, slate to red, liver or bronze. Hairless Xolos have tough, smooth, close-fitting skin, while Coated Xolos are covered in a short, flat coat.

Height: 10-16 inches (small); 16-20 inches (medium); 20-26 inches (tall)

Weight: 9-18 pounds (small); 18-27 pounds (medium); 27-55 pounds (large)

Physical Attributes: Long, lean body; low tail; soft skin

One look at those pointy ears and dark brown eyes and you’ll want to adopt one of these graceful dogs in a heartbeat. Hailing from Peru, these puppies were bred as companion dogs, so they are naturally very attached to their humans to this day. Peruvian Inca Orchids are quite agile, which means they need frequent exercise to stay happy and healthy. Some varieties will have hair on the head, legs, or tip of the tail, but these are rare.

Height: 11-13 inches

Weight: 5-12 pounds

Physical Attributes: Small and slender body; mottled pink skin; tufts of hair

Remember Krull, the dog Andie gave Ben How to lose a guy in 10 days? Yes, it was a Chinese crested dog. The X factor of these puppies is not just in their adorable size, but in the particular placement of how little hair they have. Chinese Crested Dogs have tufts of feathery hair on their head, legs, and tail. These dogs are super active and love to roam around, so be sure to give them plenty of time outside.

Height: 6-9 inches

Weight: 4-6 pounds

Physical Attributes: Small, small body; soft skin.

Fun fact: Hairless Chihuahuas are the same breed as regular Chihuahuas. They just don’t have hair because of a genetic mutation. As such, they’re just as vocal, sassy, ​​and upbeat as their fluffier brethren.

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