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5 great reasons you should get a dog license – Pasadena Star News

Owning a dog takes all kinds of responsibilities. Registering your dog with your city government and obtaining a license are the ones that are often overlooked.

I will be honest. Until I started working in animal welfare, I never really understood the value of having a license for my dogs. It just felt like this extra administrative task that I didn’t mind, and another way for local governments to make money.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered “what’s the point? “

It turns out, however, that getting a license for your dog is actually very important for a number of reasons. Let me tell you why.

On the one hand, it is the law.

In most states, dog owners are required to have their pets allowed. If you get caught without a license, which can and does happen, you will be subject to a heavy fine. Dogs must have a license renewed each year, which must be displayed on them at all times.

A license helps if your dog gets lost.

A license tag helps animal control officers and shelters like mine quickly identify your dog and bring him back to you safely. If your dog is found wandering the streets, a rescue organization can easily search for your dog via its license identification number.

The cost of the license is less than the fine.

If a city official finds your dog without a license, you can end up paying a fee of up to $ 250. Since the average cost of a spayed / neutered dog license is between $ 10 and $ 20, it just makes financial sense to comply with the law.

The license proves that your dog is safe.

A dog cannot be registered if it is not properly vaccinated. Grooming salons and boarding houses, for example, will not provide services to your pet unless they have proof that your dog is healthy and vaccinated. Having a license tag around your neck is the simplest notification so you don’t have to carry a bunch of vaccination cards everywhere you go.

The license fees support many local animal shelters.

The annual fee you pay to license your dog helps run shelters like Pasadena Humane and supports the work of our animal control services. By paying to properly identify your dog, you are helping to feed and house the stray dogs found on the streets of your city.

Is this shameless self-promotion on my part? Of course yes ! As we have established many times before, I have no shame in promoting the incredible rescue work that is being done at Pasadena Humane for the animals in our community.

The support we receive through our licensing programs helps fund our rescue programs which have helped us achieve and maintain an impressive live streaming rate of 91.5%.

And guess what? We’ve just made your pet a thousand times easier with our new online licensing program!

Pasadena Humane has just launched a partnership with DocuPet, a leading global platform for pet profiles, lost animals and licensing. If you live in one of our licensing towns, you will now receive a free lost pet service, along with colorful and unique ID tags linked to a secure online profile when you authorize your pets. .

This streamlined online experience is particularly welcome as we navigate the pandemic. With our contactless license application and delivery via the online service, you have the ability to easily upload the required proof of vaccination and purchase your pet’s license from the comfort of your own home.

Every Pasadena Humane pet license now comes with DocuPet’s 24/7 HomeSafe Lost Pet Service, which is included at no additional cost. What does it mean?

Each license tag includes a unique code on the back that links to that animal’s secure online profile, allowing anyone who finds a lost animal to reference the unique code and create a found animal report in seconds. Residents can also create a ‘lost pet report’ as soon as they realize their pet has gone missing through their online profiles. DocuPet’s dedicated dispatch staff are available 24/7 and have been able to reunite thousands of lost animals with their families through this valuable service. Talk about peace of mind!

Believe me when I say we are excited to make this process faster, easier and more valuable for our residents.

Through the new licensing process, residents have the option of selecting a generic Pasadena Humane-branded license tag at no additional cost (which is super cute, by the way!), Or can upgrade to one of the styles of Colorful designer labels from DocuPet for $ 15. I have already purchased three different styles of tags for my dogs because my inner fashionista just can’t be limited to just one. They have a drawer full of necklaces and harnesses in a variety of colors and styles – and now they’ll have coordinating trendy labels to go with them!

I may be in the grip of a new addiction. Who are you to judge me !!! ???

Each DocuPet tag, generic or design, also serves as an official pet license in cities served by Pasadena Humane, including Arcadia, Bradbury, La Cañada Flintridge, Monrovia, Pasadena, San Marino, Sierra Madre, and South Pasadena.

To celebrate the new partnership, we’re giving away $ 5 off their selection of over 180 colorful designer labels until June 30. To redeem them, pet owners can enter the promo code PASADENA5 at checkout.

Pet owners can learn more, register and / or renew their pet licenses online at Licenses by mail, phone and in person are also available.

What are you waiting for? Log in and start choosing designer tags!