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5 Clingy Dog Breeds That Love Being With Their Owners

Dogs are the ultimate loyal companion, but some breeds are clingier than others. From Cocker Spaniels to Skye Terriers, these dependent dogs often follow their owners all the time, no matter where they go.

“The benefits of owning a dog are vast, including having a positive impact on our physical and mental health,” said Bill Lambert of the Kennel Club. country life. “Similarly, dogs love spending time with their owners, whether snuggling up at home or on walks, but some breeds are known for their incredibly loyal and devoted natures.”

Remember that the behavior and attitude of any dog ​​depends on its training, socialization and individual personality. On that note, take a look at the dog breeds that love being around their owners the most…

1. Cocker

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“Happy, gentle Cocker Spaniels, known for their cheerful natures and ever-wagging tails, are true all-rounders. Originally bred as skilled working dogs, they are also very popular family dogs,” Bill tells us. .

“They love to exercise and explore new territory, but at the same time they will shower their owners with sweet affection. They can be harder to train, but will reward patient owners with dedication.”

2. skye terrier

skye terrier sitting in the field

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“Originally bred in Scotland to hunt, Skye Terriers are devoted companion dogs, owned by Queen Victoria. They are loyal to their owners and can be wary of strangers, but are generally calm dogs.”

3. Tibetan Spaniel

tibetan spaniel dog outdoors in nature

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“Tibetan Spaniels enjoy spending time with their owners, whether that means watching them work or sharing a hug! They are intelligent, affectionate and loyal to their owners.”

4. Hunting dog

close up of scottish deerhound sitting in a field

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Bill tells us: “One of the tallest breeds and a vulnerable native breed, the Deerhound is a calm and friendly companion. Known for being obedient and easy to train, they are also very eager to please their owners. says, due to their size, they need owners who can provide them with more than two hours of exercise a day and access to a large garden to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.”

5. german wirehaired pointer

german shorthaired pointer dog outdoors in nature

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“German Pointers are gentle and affectionate dogs that are known to be incredibly loyal. They are also a very active breed that enjoys being outdoors, with hunting dog origins, so they will need plenty of exercise and attention.”

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