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2022 Crufts Dog Show Results: Final Winners, Best Photos & Reactions | Launderer’s report

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After canceling the event in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Crufts Dog Show returned in 2022 to the NEC Birmingham in England with Baxer the Gundog Group flat-coated retriever winning the Best in Show award.

Crufts @Crufts

The result is there ! The best of the show #Crufts 2022 returns to Baxer!! 🏆🐶💚

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Baxer is very proud of its rosette! 🏵️🐕 #Crufts 2022

The Best in Show award is the most prestigious award a dog can earn. Dogs begin by competing against other dogs of the same breed and age before moving on to being judged alongside different breeds and ages.

Here are the final results of Sunday’s action, according to Birmingham Live’s David Bentley:

Hunting dog

Winner: Baxer (Flat-Coated Retriever), Owner: Mrs. R & M. P Ulin & Oware

Reserve: Gwendariff Come Fly with Me (Irish Setter), Owner: Mrs D Stewart-Ritchie

Third: Layways Van Winkle JW (Hungary Vizsla), Owner: Miss EJ Miles

Fourth: Coedcernyw Calendar Girl JW (Cocker Spaniel), Owner: Mr I & Mrs S Hillier

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Earn the Gundog group and move on to #Crufts 2022 Best in Show is Baxer the Retriever! !🏅🐕

working dog

Winner: Siberiadrift Keep The Love for Zimavolk JW ShCM (Siberian Husky), Owner: Miss J Allen

Reserve: Black Star del Biagio (Alaskan Malamute), Owner: G Biagiotti

Third: Lanfrese Argento (Boxer), owner Mr M Griffiths

Fourth: Cyberus Its All About Bertie for Womlu (Mastiff), Owner: Mr S & Mrs T Coulman-Hole

Pastoral Dog

Winner: Ch Bottom Shaker The Greatest Picture (Old English Sheepdog), Owner: Mr Koroknai

Reserve: Ch Wyndstar Magic Marker (Australian Shepherd), Owner: Mrs K, Mrs D, Mr J & Mrs M Kirtley, Erdesz, Shaw

Third: Ch Nikara Diamond Dancer JW (Samoyed), Owner: Mrs V & and Mrs SA Freer & Smith

Fourth: Ch Frostice Makeover (Shetland Sheepdog), Owner: Mrs B Andersson

terrier dog

Winner: Turith Adonis (Irish Terrier), Owner: Mr J & Mr A Averis & Barker

Reserve: Northcote’s Isn’t That The Way (Lakeland Terrier), Owner: Mr FW Schoeneberg

Third: Rocabec Riding Shotgun (Bedlington Terrier), Owner: Mr & Mrs P Cumming

Fourth: Flanagan Limited Edition (Skye Terrier), Owner: Miss B Blahova

utility dog

Winner: Waffle (poodle), Owner: Mr T, Mr J, Mrs S & Mr J Isherwood, Lynn, Stone & Shaw

Reserve: Elvis The Amazing Boy del Tassino in Loyjean (Chow Chow), Owner: Mr W Mcnaught

Third: Ellemstra Against All Odds JW (Dalmation), Owner: Mrs EJ & Mr CN Emmett & Simons

Fourth: Minarets Best Kept Secret (Miniature Poodle), Owner: Miss M Harwood

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Sometimes the excitement of Best in Show is just too much for some 😂 #Waffle #Crufts picture.


Winner: Royal Precious Jp’s F4 Conan (Yorkshire Terrier), Owner: Mrs. Obama

Reserve: Tiny Fellow’s U Got the Look (Pomeranian), Owner: Miss C & Mr T Kristoffersen & Losen

Third: Leogem Winter Melody (Cavalier-King Charles Spaniel), Owner: Mr D & Mrs T Homes

Fourth: Limartine Mr Bleu (Bichon Frisé), Owner: Mme l A Mault


Winner: Ina’s Fashion Desirable (Greyhound), Owner: Mrs. I Koulermou

Reserve: Creme Anglaise’s Irish Cream (Whippet), Owner: Mr JW & Mr K Akerboom & Van Der Schaaf

Third: Vaskurs Moni Maker Qiwidotter (Pharaoh’s Hound), Owner: Mr T & Mrs S Torres

Fourth: Forget-Me-Not V Tum-Tum’s Vriendjes (Basset Griffon Vendeen), Owner: Mrs. An Huikeshoven

Heel work to music

Here is this year’s Heelwork to Music winner. The performance was inspired by Disney’s Aladdin.

Crufts @Crufts

You’ll never have a friend like our winner #Crufts Heelwork to Music! 🏆🧞

Flyball Final

Roadrunners Beep Beep defeated defending champions Focus in the flyball final, setting a new record in the process.

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yet another #Crufts Flyball record broken in 2022! 💪🎾

Agility competition

Zest, a Border collie, won the 2022 agility trial with an incredible performance.

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They jumped through hoops to get here, but the #Crufts 2022 Agility Champion is Zest the Border Collie!!✨🐾