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12 of the fastest dog breeds in the world

The 12 fastest dog breeds have been revealed, with the speedy Greyhounds unsurprisingly taking the top spot. Many dogs like to run on their daily walks, but some are simply faster than others.

Other breeds that need speed include Afghan Hounds, Vizsla, Dalmatians and Jack Russell Terriers, according to The Scotsman. If you’re looking for a furry companion to share your fast-paced lifestyle with, then these are the breeds to choose (if you can keep up with them).

Speaking of Greyhounds, which were specifically bred with speed in mind, Bill Lambert of The Kennel Club tells us: “The sprinters of the canine world, Greyhounds are gentle, noble dogs that make an excellent and loyal companion. “He is apparently the fastest dog breed, they can also be surprisingly laid back and enjoy a lazy day on the couch. They can be very independent, but they also have a gentle side.”

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Remember that there are many important factors to consider before adopting a dog. It’s a big commitment, so pick the one that best suits your lifestyle and never buy one on a whim. If you’re considering one of these speedy dogs, you’ll need a good-sized yard (so they can stretch out their long legs) as well as time to walk them during the day.

      On that note, take a look at the full list below…

      12 of the fastest dog breeds in the world

      1. doggy style
      2. afghan hound
      3. Sloughi
      4. Vizsla
      5. Dalmatian
      6. jack russell terrier
      7. Borzoi
      8. Doberman
      9. Whippet
      10. German shepherd
      11. border collie
      12. standard poodle

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