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10 most famous dog breeds that appear in the movies

The 10 most famous dog breeds that appear in the movies have been revealed, with German Shepherds taking the top spot.

In order to identify the breeds that appear in most movies and TV shows, Protect My Paws used IMDb data to find out which dogs never turn down a role in Hollywood. Whether they starred in a Disney dog ​​movie or a teary classic (someone else cries every time Marley and I?), our four-legged friends have always played a crucial role in the history of cinema.

While German Shepherds have featured in 562 films and TV credits, Bulldogs (284) and Poodles (209) came in second and third, respectively. The Saint Bernard was also on the list, famous for appearing in films such as Beethoven and Dad Daycare.

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“Movies were designed for dogs, but some dog breeds make more movies than others,” says Protect My Paws. “From canine celebrity Rin Tin Tin to the bizarre CGI of Cruella and Call of the Wild, it feels like German Shepherds, Dalmatians and Saint Bernard are better represented than other dog breeds.”

Did you finish another thin pie? Why not take a look at the most famous breeds below …

Top 10 Most Famous Dog Breeds That Appear In Movies

  1. German Shepherd (562 films and TV credits)
  2. Bulldog (284)
  3. Poodle (209)
  4. Doberman Pinscher (176)
  5. Chihuahua (167)
  6. Rottweiler (153)
  7. Great Dane (149)
  8. Golden Retriever (146)
  9. Dachshund (126)
  10. Saint-Bernard (108)

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